The Fynbos Biome is the smallest of the 6 Floral kingdoms and is classified as a biological hotspot because it is hugely diverse and home to the worlds richest floral area. There are more than 9000 plant species found in this biome; 6000 of which are endemic and only found in this region.

There are more than 62 plant family groups in the Fynbos biome. The three most common of these families are the Restio, Erica and Protea groups.

Restio Family: Assumes the place of grass in the Fynbos Biome and is used for thatching in the Western Cape.

Erica Family: Characterised by brightly coloured flowers, shrubs and small trees with small and dry fruit.

Protea Family: Several species of proteas and pincushions are grown as ornamentals and cut flowers. The King Protea also known as the Giant Protea is South Africa’s national flower.

The greatest threats to Fynbos are urban development, agriculture, silviculture (forest plantations) and the spread of Alien invasive plants such as Black Wattle, commonly known as Rooikrans and Port Jackson.

*Species commonly found in the Berg River Catchment Area

Common Name Latin Name
China Flower Adenandra marginata
Agapanthus Agapanthus africanus
Soldier in a Box Albuca flaccida
March Lilly Amaryllis belladonna
Sour Fig Carpobrotus edulis
Climber’s Friend Cliffortia ruscifolia
Pig’s Ears Cotyledon orbiculata
Morning Dew Drosera cistiflora
Fire Heath Erica cerinthoides
Plukenet’s Heath Erica plukenetii
Erica versicolor
African Rosemary Eriocephalus africanus
Wild Dagga Leonotis leonurus
Peacock flower Spiloxene capensis
Blackrim sugarbush Protea acuminata
Clasping-leaf sugarbush Protea amplexicaulis
Burchell’s sugarbush Protea burchelli
King protea Protea cynaroides
Broad-leaf sugarbush Protea eximia
Red sugarbush Protea grandiceps
Thong-leaf sugarbush Protea lorea
Queen sugarbush Protea magnifica
Mountain-rose sugarbush Protea nana
Oleander-leaf protea, Narrow-leaf sugarbush protea neriifolia
The Wagon tree Protea nitida
Common sugarbush, Honey flower Protea repens
Thistle sugarbush Protea scolymocephala
Bracken Fern Pteridium aquilinium
Arum Lilly Zantedeschia aethiopica